Friday, September 24, 2010


Much excitement today - no, not the fact that Max had to be picked up early from school with suspected ear infection, although it had Oli and I speeding off hastily in the car to rescue the patient, only to find him happily reading Richard Scarry with the school administrator, and no, there's no new addition to the family yet. The excitement is this, that I had word that an essay of mine (one you might recognize) has been selected for 'Mother Words week' on the Minneapolis StarTribune's parenting blog, CribsheetMother Words is a wonderful writing course led by Kate Hopper which I signed up for earlier in the year. Well, every year Cribsheet celebrates the power of women's writing about motherhood by featuring essays from Mother Words alumni.  You'll be able to read the essays the week of October 4th, but if you check in here I'll be sure to remind you!  Thank you Minneapolis!

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