Friday, May 20, 2011


Lots of things have been keeping me from writing recently. Not just boys, but work on the house - I'm trying to avoid renovation posts in this blog but you can intermittently follow our progress over here. Another distraction has been that the computer has been out of action with hard drive problems and then logic board issues, then I was back to the shop yesterday with software problems. All very time consuming for those precious free hours.  I did snatch some sewing minutes over the past week or so, and dedicated them to making yet another hat.  The repurposed jeans that became a sun hat last summer did not survive the chaos that ensued when Jack was born - I think it was lost at school and by the time my brain was functioning enough to ask the teachers about it, it was winter and raining and no-one had seen a sun hat in weeks.  Earlier this year I hastily made a Christopher Robin style one - call it speed crafting - it's floppy and suits our resident AA Milne fan, but then I found the perfect pattern and had to give it a go - even though it talked about poplin and involved interfacing. But for the $2 cost of the interfacing an old shirt became a hat...

It turned out to be for Oli and his larger than average head circumference. He seems to love it and I'm sure it's because he helped with the sewing. He was controlling the stitch of my sewing machine saying 'red light', 'green light' as I stopped and started the foot pedal. He was also adjusting the stitch size and tension when I wasn't looking which was a little less helpful.

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