Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Collage

To all of you who I do not get to see nearly enough and who I miss, Happy Christmas! And Happy 2012 one and all. Here's a taster of what Christmas is looking like in our neck of the woods....

Shhh, don't tell Dad...(a joke jar so he can store all the good ones).

Christmas blooms from the Bud Stop, a self indulgent treat.

Lots of pyjama-clad drawing, stamping and tape (oh the fun you can have with tape - and wooly hats.)

More of those snowmen in construction.

Cutting corners; the wallpaper's up but the decorator is a little behind schedule for Jack's present...

Very nearly finished...the much-wanted 'you-made-Oli-one-what-about-me?' dressing gown for Max.

Home made mince pies in my favourite Texan cake tin.

Dom's mulled wine (not shown, it was drunk too quickly, that's the drink, not me...)

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