Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hollywood Here We Come!

So here it is, my screenplay idea:
Imagine a British couple with 2 small children. He does the nine to five, she's at home with the kids. The family live...I don't know, let's say for the sake of argument, they live in San Francisco. They're relatively new to the city, 3 years or so (pure fiction all this, of course). Things are ticking along fine, there's the newness of living in America, the adjustment to parenthood, and your average domestic highs and lows. But there's one thing missing, good old friends. Then, one evening in June, the Mrs is feeling a bit down about all this, so she announces she's going to make it 'Friend-Making Month' and for the next 30 days she's going to throw everything at it. The next door neighbours will get bombarded by cupcakes, she's going to befriend everyone at the kids gym class and organise day trips, picnics and playdates. Well, the Mr rises to the challenge - he's going to befriend everyone at his own gym, accept the preschool dads night invitation, and do some cooking himself - perhaps he'll cook a curry. And so this couple end up pitting themselves against each other. Here I need to focus on some plot development...hilarious sequences would follow involving small children scuppering their parents attempts to befriend the neighbourhood. At some point the couple might devise a chart, (to go up next to the kids discipline chart) where they allocate stars for invitations out to dinner, in-coming phone calls, bonus points for snagging Americans, especially a Bart or a Sydney.
There'll be a lesson in all this, like if you're lucky enough to have a happy family you don't need friends, or your friends were there all the time you just hadn't given them enough cupcakes...then everyone will live happily ever after. Gotta go, gotta pitch to Disney...

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